Exercise Really Does Make You Happy. My 3 Favourite Home 20 Minute Workouts.


So, the last couple of days have been a little rough on my emotional spirits. In terms of Eckhart Tolle, my Pain-Body awakened and was really hungry for pain and sadness. Do you ever have those days? Where all you can remember are painful memories? It is definitely not fun or enjoyable. The good thing about sadness is that it inspires reflection on our lives and the current state of our thoughts and emotions which can be a powerful tool to grow.

I find that moving our bodies really does make us happier and helps starve the Pain-Body by attacking it with endorphins. Today I went to Zumba class and it was fabulous. Exercising is fabulous because it allows us to release so much energy and our muscles come alive.

I’m not a big gym person so below are the 3 workouts I do when I want something fun and efficient at home. They are all 20 minutes so no excuses about time. ­čÖé

POPSUGAR Fitness┬áVictoria’s Secret Model Workout

If you’re not a VS model fan, don’t get turned off by the name. This workout is really efficient in making you sweat and strengthens all your body muscles. It’s also really hard. I have never finished this workout without taking a break.

Winsor Pilates 20 Minute Workout

If you’re a pilates fan, Marie Winsor is good to know. I have honestly been doing this 20 minute workout (off and on) for over 10 years (before YouTube I had the VHS tape – remember those?).
Pilates does an amazing job at strengthening and stretching your body.
If you’re new at pilates, I would be careful in trying to do the movements as accurately as possible.┬á


I used to dread running until a few years ago when I started running in the city and now the forrest. I run at a slower pace (11minutes to 1 mile) and I really enjoy it. ┬áMy mind becomes free and after I get in the zone it feels like I can run forever. Normally I run 20-40 minutes and it’s either in the forrest or the city listening to classical or dancing music.

exerciseOkay, this isn’t a running picture, but I didn’t have one. So we can pretend that I’m not wearing a skirt or rain boots.

thank you for reading & happy exercising!

Lots of smiles,


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