I want to age like wine.

At some point throughout today I had the thought: I want to age like wine. Slow, steady and full of body.  I want to offer myself to this life as a nice glass of red wine that is sipped slow and steady. Instead of as a tequila shot that burns going down to later be felt straight in the head.  I’ll take the time. Time to acquire all the flavors of myself within my own barrel fully trusting the delight of the awaited first glass.

What is the point anyway?

Not sure there is a point, but maybe that is the point? Why do we do what we do? Like sign up for a Substack account without really understanding how it works. It’s like getting in a rental car and driving off without fully understanding what all the buttons do around the steering wheel. True story. It happened to me. I only realized how dangerous this jump for excitement to hit the road can be once my friend couldn’t figure out how to turn on the fog lights. Or when…