Current Life Struggles & What I Am Doing About It Right Now


Hello my fabulous human beings! Happy new year and happy new journey around the sun. 🙂

Today I will share with you my current struggles. Why?

Because one of my biggest struggles right now is getting back into my daily rhythm after the holidays and traveling.
Whyyyy is it so hard to get back into a routine? [whining & thinking emoticon]

List of life struggles

Struggle #Laziness

Maybe it’s the jet lag or maybe it’s the fact I haven’t done much productive work in almost one month, but either way, the struggle is real. I just want to lie down and sleep. Or scroll aimlessly through social media. Which reminds of a Ted Talk I recently watched about quitting social media. Here is the link in case you are interested.

Struggle #Limbo Brain

On the flight back from the U.S I had so much motivation and ideas of what I want to do that now I don’t know where to start. Everything is so exciting and I just want to do everything at once, but then my resistance kicks in and I end up doing nothing. Do you ever feel this way? Like you want to do so much but you do nothing at all? It’s frustrating.

Struggle #My Skin is Not in a Good Place

Wuaaaaah. {whining emoticon} It has been one month of my skin breaking out. It is also looking dry like the dessert. It’s also itchy (like this very moment it’s itchy)…whyyyy? Maybe I should increase my black charcoal face masks? Or I should probably just chill out my ego.

Struggle #House of Swap

House of Swap is online startup aimed at encouraging women around the world to swap clothes instead of always buying. I love House of Swap. I love why I started it. I want to bring an alternative method of “shopping” without having to buy anything. The only struggle I am facing is executing on my business plan. I’m doing everything alone and truth be told, I feel totally overwhelmed. How can I get more people to try it out??

Struggle #Frustrations

Today as I was walking by myself, I realised I have some pent-up frustrations towards some people and situations. I’m working to let them go, but when I don’t consciously become present, my mind starts talking and talking and feeding my frustrations. I’m almost 100% sure my skin is reacting to my insides. As within so without. Time to keep saying bye-bye to people or situations that bring us down.

Struggle #I don’t know where I belong

Right now, I would really, really like to be in NYC. I’m so confused as to where I belong. Where is home?

Struggle #Discipline

Some people’s achilles is perfectionism, mine is discipline. I have very little discipline and that keeps me from staying focused and productive. Maybe if I sign up for a ballet class with a really strict instructor I will get better?

Okay, I’m falling asleep. It’s time to go even if my list is not finished. Apologies if there are typos or some sentences don’t make sense. No one edited this.

So cool. Writing about my struggles just took me one step past my resistance.

One step at a time – the only way to move forward.

for reading.

Lot’s of sleepy smiles,
Pam 🙂

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