What is the point anyway?

Not sure there is a point, but maybe that is the point?

Why do we do what we do? Like sign up for a Substack account without really understanding how it works. It’s like getting in a rental car and driving off without fully understanding what all the buttons do around the steering wheel.

True story. It happened to me. I only realized how dangerous this jump for excitement to hit the road can be once my friend couldn’t figure out how to turn on the fog lights.

Or when we didn’t understand how the sun roof operates and opened it mid-highway in the rain.

Anyway, all of this rambling are the every day thoughts that swim around in my mind. I sometimes wonder how I myself don’t make myself dizzy with the constant spinning.

With time the spinning is only getting spinni-er. In my 20’s it was more questioning through insecurity. At almost 30, it’s questioning through uncertainty at the realism of this existence.

It is sometimes difficult to take the tedious demands of the everyday practical serious when it all seems like a circus out there.

So it brings me back to my heading. What is the point anyway? And to answer: Not sure there is a point, but maybe that is the point?

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