My Most Valuable Life Tool

personal development tool

This past week I realized has become my most valuable life tool.

Here are my reasons why:

Vulnerability. I have learned first hand it’s not as scary as we think to put ourselves out there.

I am pushed everyday to think long and wide.

Creative freedom.

Inspiring one life is better than wishing of inspiring one life but not taking any action to do so. I finally stopped wishing and started doing.

I have gained so much respect and admiration for all the creators who put their creations out into the world without giving up.

Every blog post and video I write/make serves as a reminder of how much I don’t know. Learning is infinite.

Focus, consistency, resilience, commitment; I am strengthening these traits every day. I’m not sure I understood what they truly meant before.

Belief in myself.  After every time that I want to give up and I don’t, that’s when I reconfirm to myself that I have the power and I build my self-belief.

I am learning that we really can’t please everyone. So it’s better to stop wasting energy thinking of how to please others. It’s much better if we just create what our heart tells us.

I am taking the mental barriers down. The only reason I am able to take them down is because I finally see them. I only began seeing the barriers when I left my comfort zone.

I have found the purpose for my life. I have never felt more fulfilled, excited or even proud than I do now. At this moment, I believe the purpose for my life is to share my insights and turn my ideas into reality.

Trust > fear. I am still afraid and I still self-sabotage myself. But more and more I am trusting my intuition and I am trusting any uncertainty that may arise.

And lastly,

Respect for the time of others.
Friends and strangers, thank you for taking the time to read my words and watch my videos. I sincerely appreciate it.

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