Security is a funny thing.


I am at a crossroads in my life at the moment. I need to decide between security and my own beliefs.

The choice is simple: Do I look for a stable job or do I go ALL IN on my projects and myself?

It’s a funny position to be in because there are so many mixed opinions and beliefs about what security means to people.

Today I have had two conversations about the topic and through those conversations I have come to realise a few points:

  • The only time we truly “loose everything” is when we die.
  • If everything were to be lost the only thing left would be to start all over… and would that be so bad?
  • If security from within does not exist, nothing you do or have on the outside will ever be enough.
  • Our idea of security is shaped from our experiences and teachings – and those two things should be re-evaluated to ensure they are still up to date with the individuals we have become.

Personally, I feel torn. I have experienced having nothing and having more than enough – yet, I am still somehow afraid to just let go. I feel stuck between what I believe and what I “should do.”

Which is why I ask:

… what is security for you?

Would you go all in on yourself or still on hold to the safety rope?

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One Thought to “Security is a funny thing.”

  1. I agree that security comes from within. And I know that I will always be fine by myself – I have skills, I have resilience, I can pick myself back up. All I need to be happy is my Kindle, a place to sleep and a roll of toilet paper 🙂

    But what do you do once people start depending on you, for example when you have a kid? What sort of experiences/teachings are they getting when their environment isn’t stable? How do you not neglect your own projects and passions while also providing a safe space for children to grow up into individuals who feel secure on the inside?

    Unhappy parents make unhappy children so a soul-sucking job is obviously not the answer, but I still think that there is some sort of spectrum. I saw kids of parents who were always bouncing from project to project, and that can be very tough to live through when you are small and powerless.

    How can we strike the right balance between stability and freedom? These are questions I struggle with every time I make a career-related decision.

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