Give Value Or Customers Will Not Want to Come Back

give value

Picture Description: The sauce you see in the picture is a mix of ketchup and mayo in an attempt to add more flavour to my meal.

Today I had one of the most disappointing lunches in awhile.

My experience happened in a hamburger place I had visited earlier this year when they had just opened. The place is modern with a focus on “healthy eating.” My first experience in this restaurant was positive; I thought the food was good quality with taste.

I don’t know what happened inbetween today and last year but their quality seems to have really dropped. I ordered a “chicken burger” with special cheese, jalapeños, coleslaw and their house sauce.

I was excited for my burger. I was imagining a full burger loaded with flavour.

Instead, I received a chicken patty that made me wonder if it was even chicken. The cheese was okay; but the coleslaw and jalapeños looked like some sad toppings quickly placed in between two thick pieces of bread. I think the top part of the bun was thicker than the actual burger ingredients.

There was no real flavour; it didn’t taste fresh; it felt like a waste of $25.

It’s no secret that Zürich is expensive but $25 for a hamburger and small fries goes a bit above being expensive. When I ordered my meal, I was happy to pay that price because I thought I would receive quality. It was disappointing because it made me wonder why it seems that some restaurant owners don’t care about the satisfaction of their customers. It feels like businesses just care about making money regardless of the quality they are offering.

I understand businesses and people have bad times and maybe the cooking or service is off every now and then. But what happened today isn’t about the “cooking being off” it’s about not caring enough to give the best burger they possibly could.

What happened today is not unique. I think it actually happens all the time; and it’s a pity because when we go into a restaurant we are trusting that institution to give us something good. And when they don’t, it’s sad. It’s sad because we feel a little bit betrayed. At least I did today. I know we shouldn’t expect things to be a certain way, but I think a little “fair trade” amongst each other is not bad.  And so that is why I decided to write this blog post. To share my opinion and to say to all the business owners out there: Give Value to Your Customers Or They Will Not Want To Come Back.

Happy Weekend! 🙂

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