Education Is More Than School

Education is more than school

When we hear the word education, we should not just think of a Master’s degree or school.

When we hear education we should think of education in the world. Education in humanity and in our ability to be “smart” in the way we treat each other and everything around us.

Education should not be limited to subjects that we have no interest in learning. School should also stop being the place where the feelings of inadequacy are developed.

A school should be a place where our future generations can sit and be taught subjects which they are passionate about. Where their creativity is encouraged.

School should be a place that encourages our future generations to tap inside their potential and explore all of their innate possibilities.

School should be the place where individual intelligence is maximised in order to make this world a happier, more peaceful place to live.

Education should be the binding factors that glues all of our ideas and strengths in creating something bigger and better that will push our human race forward and create great things for this life.

Education should not be the barrier that says: “You are not qualified to apply for this job because you didn’t finish school.”

For so long we have believed the standard way of “education” is our ticket to a “great career” that will fulfil us.

For so long, we have sat in a classroom as generations before us learning about subjects which do not interest us. Subjects with the valid question: “when will I ever need this?” This question is valid because an individual who is passionate about creating art should not be forced to spend a semester studying the periodic table of elements.

How great it will be the day we stop believing that we are not good enough. How great it will be the day we stop creating inequalities amongst each other.

Let us continue lifting each other up and encouraging each other to move forward.

Editor Note: These words were written in 2014 as a personal journal entry to what I called “My Future Education Speech”. Some modifications have been made for this blog entry.


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